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sanguinario's Journal

E. A. M. Cullen
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I’m a killer,
cold and wrathful.

Name: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.
"Real" Name: Christopher Fontaine.
Room Number: M114.
Roommate: N/A.
Age: 17 (107).
Hair Color: "Bronze"/red.
Eye Color: Gold, black, red.
Height: 6’2”.
Serial Number: 26667837.
Other Characteristics: Cold skin, pale, bruises under eyes. His eyes shift colors - when gold, he is fully fed on animal blood, when black, he is in need of feeding, and when red, he is fully fed on human blood. A very powerful telepath, he is able to "hear" surface thoughts and "see" memories connected to intense emotions.

I’ve murdered half the town;
left you love notes on their headstones.

Main Language: English.
Second Language(s): Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian, possibly among others.
Current Physical Status: His burns from his first night are healed, but have caused some bumpy scarring on his left arm and cheek that runs down his neck, as well as on his left thigh. The knife wound from Dean's bowie knife on NS 46 has healed. As of Nightshift 49, he has three rather deep cuts running from his temple to his chin on his right cheek from a mimic's claw swipe and scraped up palms. As of NS 51, both of his legs are horribly burned (mostly on the calves), as well as the majority of his torso, his right shoulder, and the right side of his face. All previous injuries were healed as of NS 52. As of NS 54, he has a broken collarbone, meaning his left arm is in a sling. His left shoulder is also covered in bandages from a squirrel tearing it open. He is fully fed, so his eyes are a very bright golden color.
Current Power Limitations: Limited area of telepathy, slightly above human levels of strength and agility.
Current Belongings: Landel’s standard items, a dinner knife, a (memorized) map, and assorted medications. As of NS 49, a 12 gauge side-by-side shotgun (stolen from Charlie Swan during a Homeworld roll). It only has two shells. Also, five four large plastic chemical bottles of blood acquired from the Chapel fountain and a now empty syringe (previously full of Venom's blood).
Informational Link: [Application.]
Character Relations: [Here.]
Series: Twilight.
"Real Life" Background: [To be written.]
I’ll track you down among the pines.

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mun: chaoticchicken
also mun of rischiarare